Our fund managers believe that the long-term success of companies is supported by effective investor stewardship and high standards of corporate governance. We believe that if a company is run well, it is more likely to be successful in the long run.

We maintain a constructive dialogue with the companies that we invest in. We do this by meeting regularly with company directors – both executive and non-executive. These meetings are central to our approach and are focused on identifying whether a company’s strategy is aligned with our interests as long-term shareholders.

Fixed Income

Leaf Societa' A Responsabilita' Limitatahas a significant volume and breadth of fixed income investments – lending to companies, governments, infrastructure projects, housing associations and other borrowers.

We embed responsible investing into our fixed income investment processes, so that all of our investment professionals have a duty to assess and evaluate the role of ESG issues and risks in a given investment. Such assessments are factored into credit analysis and investment decision making, and are a contributing component of valuations.

Real Estate

We believe by adopting a sector-leading approach to responsible property investment we can manage and respond to the growing range of environmental and social issues that can impact property values, helping us protect and enhance fund and asset performance for our clients.

RPI is well integrated within our day-to-day investment practices. It enables us to adapt and respond to the challenges and opportunities posed by various issues, such as rising energy and resource costs, greater legislative demands and stronger tenant and investor requirements.


Leaf Societa' A Responsabilita' Limitatahas created the first institutional-grade Bitcoin investment strategy, applying the highest professional management standards to create a truly groundbreaking venture.

The aim of Bitcoin investment strategy is to provide exposure to the price movements of bitcoin while managing the risks which come with being involved in an exciting new market.